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Commercial Roofing Contractor—Extensive Service Area

We have heard people say, “anyone can put on a roof.” Then, 15 years down the road when leaks start appearing, shingles start to spread and carpenter ants move into the establishment to take up residence, the owner learns that not everyone can put on a roof. Roofing requires an understanding of a structure’s form, how it bends and how water will flow over it. If a certain area of roof will take on a high level of rainflow, it might be wise to spend a little extra time sealing that particular area. Another area of the roof might need extra wood to support it. A crucial part of properly laying a roof is understanding nuances like these. It is important to choose a qualified roofing contractor.

A Roofing Contractor Committed to Excellence

At KLA Contractors, we started our company installing quality roofs and since 1998, we have done that. In all this time, we’re happy to report that we have never lost a customer. As a roofing contractor committed to using quality materials and applying them with skill, our customers enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their new roof will do its job.

We travel to your project site—and put your roof on right!

KLA Contractors has years of experience in roofing some of the most complex structures. Whether you have a steep roof, a flat roof, a pair of dormers or even a decorative cupola, we understand each structure’s needs and will roof it accordingly. KLA Contractors not only brings you a quality product but the peace of mind you need in going forward.


KLA Contractors does not offer residential construction services, but if you are looking for a residential contractor, contact our office for a referral.