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Sometimes a particular project stands out. Maybe the structure has some historical significance. Maybe the structure has a high complexity. Maybe the structure simply has a bit of a glow to it upon completion. For whatever the reason, we like to place some of these types of photos into this gallery. We believe that a picture truly is worth 1000 words, so please take the time to look at some of our work. Whether the work is a simple roofing job or a very complex restoration job, we hope that our construction photos give you peace of mind in choosing KLA Contractors to complete your task.


Dam Toe Drain Repair

Everett Area High School

Restroom remodel

Everett Theater Project

  • Restoration of this historic building
  • Structural rehabilitation
  • Repointing, new marquee, and windows.

Gifford Pinchot State Park

Project completion is scheduled for spring of 2024.

  • Re-roofed the bathhouse
  • Regraded 10 acres
  • Placed new swales and drainage
  • Prepped sit to receive new solar canopies
  • Renovated several handicapped accessible picnic areas

New Build

  • Cleared site
  • Graded
  • Built a 40 X 64 Building (completed concrete and blacktopped)

National Energy Technology Labs Morgantown, WV

  • Re-insulated the building
  • Replaced the siding and roof
  • Installed new rooftop ventilators and snow guards

Haldeman Maintenance Facility

Located in Halifax, PA.

  • Forest area cleared
  • Earthwork around large area
  • Built two structures
  • Is now a 4-bay garage for vehicle storage and a 4-bay garage with office space.


Emerald Isle Coast Guard Station (renovation)

When we were told that the United States Coast Guard was requesting proposals for a project involving the creation of a station that was “going green” we knew that it was not an opportunity we wanted to miss. The trend continues, as time goes on, that different organizations and groups want their equipment, tools, and facilities to be more environmentally friendly.

To accomplish this, the materials used in the renovation were more environmentally friendly. Even the facilities inside the building are designed as an environmentally friendly habitat, with specific areas set aside for recycling. Outside, the facility makes use of drainage systems that funnel rainwater into large tanks that can be later used for washing boats and the facilities themselves.

We believe that by participating in the construction of facilities such as these, KLA Contractors helps pave the way to a more environmentally safe future.


The Pennsylvania Lumber Museum

The Pennsylvania Lumber Museum needed re-roofing on several different roof elevations. KLA Contractors was awarded the bid for the project. When KLA Contractors demoed the old roofing system, we determined that the existing roof deck was not suitable for re-roofing, so therefore after consulting with the Historic Preservation Architect from the PA Historic & Museum Commission it was determined that all roof elevations needed new roof decking installed.

KLA Contractors installed the new roof decking to each roof area and then applied waterproof membrane to ensure the structure remained watertight and no interior exhibits or finishes were damaged. After this was completed, KLA Contractors installed new roofing to all areas on the main building and the 4 associated outbuildings.

Hershey Medical Center Student Housing

The Hershey Medical Center needed roofs on several of its housing facilities. KLA Contractors was called in for the task. We brought our team in, assessed the area’s buildings, and began the process of roofing each of the buildings.

As with any roofing project, it is important to properly prepare and protect the building. We do this with the greatest of care because we understand how important these structures are to our clients. In addition, we want our roofs to last. Because of that, during the stripping and felting stages, we will actively identify any wood that needs replaced to assure the lifespan of the roof.

We feel that the Hershey Medical Center project really shows our ability in the roofing industry. It shows the quality of our work, the fact that we can tackle multiple buildings at the same time and shows that our project can always be completed within budget and on schedule.


Founder's Crossing Restoration Project

Flame filled the sky as two entire floors of the Founder’s Crossing building, in Bedford Pennsylvania, burned late one evening. Over 140 local businesses, housed within the building, felt the pain of standing by helplessly, as fire departments worked to bring the blaze under control. After the flames were gone and daylight rose upon Bedford, a new task was at hand—rebuilding. After owners searched for reputable businesses to complete the restoration, KLA Contractors was eventually selected for the task.

Barnitz Mill

In a time when many of the mills and factories of the area relied on water for power, Barnitz Mill sat in its heyday. It diligently produced flour for a number of years before industry finally moved on and its facilities became antiquated. Today the mill stands as a reminder of where we have been.

When we were asked to restore this historic facility, we knew that it wouldn’t be a simple restoration. The building had become dilapidated over the years and the structural integrity had fallen a great deal. So, we not only needed to restore the outer layers of the building, but the inner layers as well. It was very important to us to return the building to a condition as close to the original as possible. As a result, we added many custom editions, such as the doors and windows pictured below.

Bushkill Fire Station

This historic building had fallen fate to the one element that no building owner can control—the wrath of Mother Nature. Over the years, the roof became in need of replacement, the historic siding had become damaged in some areas and some of the exterior doors were in dire need of replacement. KLA Contractors stepped in. Although this was not a full building restoration, we knew that a lot of care and consideration should still be taken in the choice of replacement materials. In the end, all elements were properly repaired and replaced, after which we finished the building off with a nice, fresh painting—properly bringing the building back to a look similar to that of its heyday.

The Village Library of Morgantown

The Village Library of Morgantown is no ordinary library. The building itself is as rich in history as some of the novels contained inside. Its classic wraparound porch gives the Queen Anne-style building the warm welcoming feel of homes in days past. The tower on the left adds a level of prestige and an attitude that can no longer be found in most of today’s homes. To walk through this building is to walk through history.

Unfortunately, as with all buildings, they become worn and in need of repair. The Village Library of Morgantown was no different. Some of the worst damage occurred to the beloved, wraparound porch. The roof had rotted and the integrity of the porch, itself, had become severely compromised. Knowing KLA Contractors’ reputation in building restoration, we were called in for this delicate job.

KLA Contractors took great care in the restoration of this historic porch. Since most of the structure was severely damaged, we replaced much of the support area to ensure that the porch would remain strong in the years to come. We replaced the entire roof of the porch, properly blending it in to the rest of the building. We also replaced much of the body of the porch, duplicating the design it once had. Finally, most difficult of all, we replaced the rounded corner of the porch. In order to do this, wood needed to be specially treated and formed to accurately replace the Victorian design. Only a team of very skilled craftsmen should ever be contracted for such a delicate restoration.

In the end, the project was a great success, and The Village Library of Morgantown continues to inspire residents, as well as pass the vital knowledge along that all libraries do.