Certified Lead Abatement Contractor

KLA Contractors

KLA Contractors is a licensed Certified Lead Abatement Contractor serving an extensive area. We offer several lead-based paint services such as assessment, removal, and disposal. We employ trained technicians skilled in lead abatement services from contamination detection to hazardous waste disposal.

Lead Paint Abatement Services

How Can I Tell If a Property Is Contaminated With Lead Paint?

Due to its superior corrosion protection and durability, lead-based paint may be present in large quantities in any home or building built before 1978, as well as many newer structures.

The best way to determine the presence of lead paint is to contact us for a lead paint inspection / assessment.

Understanding the Dangers of Lead Paint

Lead poisoning can lead to anemia, dysfunction of muscle, blood vessel, and nerve tissues, weakness, and harm to the kidneys, brain, and nervous system, as well as other significant damage to cells, tissues, and organ systems throughout the entire body. At higher levels, lead exposure can result in death.

When Should I Test for Lead Paint?

It is important to determine whether lead-based paint is present BEFORE beginning any type of renovation or demolition project that is likely to disturb a painted surface. A positive result for lead should be followed up with an abatement plan for safe removal from the property and proper disposal.

Lead Paint Removal Options

As a qualified lead abatement contractor, we have access to several options when removing hazardous lead from properties.


KLA Contractors does not offer residential construction services, but if you are looking for a residential contractor, contact our office for a referral.