Environmental Abatement

KLA Roofing and Construction, LLC

We Travel to Serve Your Environmental Cleanup Needs

Over the years, concerns about our health and the environment have increased. Oil spills threaten our waters, landfills threaten our soil, and exhaust fumes threaten our air. The construction industry is no different. Materials such as lead paints, asbestos and many others cause a potentially harmful situation for living and business conditions. This is why KLA Roofing and Construction, LLC proudly offers environmental abatement services throughout an extensive service area.

Qualified Environmental Abatement Contractor

KLA Roofing and Construction, LLC is qualified to provide effective environmental abatement services. Our technical staff has a wide variety of experience handling and disposing of harmful materials. We specialize in asbestos and lead paint removal, but our experience spans beyond these. When it comes to health, we understand the importance of having these materials properly removed without releasing them into the air or leaving residue behind. We give customers the peace of mind they need in order to go on with their daily lives.


KLA Roofing and Construction, LLC does not offer residential construction services, but if you are looking for a residential contractor, contact Jamie Spade.