Many construction companies will happily answer the phone and discuss potential renovations to an existing structure. The moment the word “restoration” becomes involved, however, the cheerfulness of the conversation may decrease immediately.

Restoration not only involves the ability to provide construction but many times it involves a keen understanding of materials and substances used in constructing the buildings of days past. Whether the parameters of a grant require them or simply a business owner, wishing to have an accurate representation of the original structure, the usage of rare or particularly difficult materials could be required. Additionally, many structures require custom-designed elements to properly bring them back to the condition they once were. Custom columns and doors, made from specific woods, often adorn historic buildings.

KLA Roofing and Construction, LLC is not shy when it comes to restoration. We have provided restoration services to many buildings throughout the region. It is our knowledge, understanding and passion for construction that not only allows us to compete but drives us to excel in such a specific arena.

Pictured above:
The fully restored Founder's Crossing Building, after
a fire destroyed two entire floors of the structure.
To see more about this project, click HERE.

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