The Village Library of Morgantown

The Village Library of Morgantown is no ordinary library. The building itself is as rich in history as some of the novels contained inside. Its classic wrap-around porch gives the Queen Anne-style building the warm welcoming feel of homes in days past. The tower on the left adds a level of prestige and an attitude that can no longer be found in most of today's homes. To walk through this building is to walk through history.

Unfortunately, as with all buildings, they become worn and in need of repair. The Village Library of Morgantown was no different. Some of the worst damage occurred to the beloved, wrap-around porch. The roof had rotted and the integrity of the porch, itself, had become severely compromised. Knowing KLA Roofing and Construction, LLC's reputation in building restoration, we were called in for this delicate job.

KLA Roofing and Construction, LLC took great care in the restoration of this historic porch. Since most of the structure was severely damaged, we replaced much of the support area to ensure that the porch would remain strong in the years to come. We replaced the entire roof of the porch, properly blending it in to the rest of the building. We also replaced much of the body of the porch, duplicating the design it once had. Finally, most difficult of all, we replaced the rounded corner of the porch. In order to do this, wood needed to be specially treated and formed to accurately replace Victorian design. Only a team of very skilled craftsmen should ever be contracted for such a delicate restoration.

In the end, the project was a great success and The Village Library of Morgantown continues to inspire residents, as well as pass the vital knowledge along that all libraries do.

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